Rock Band 2 with Will Lepper

26 days ago

Are you ready to Rock (Band 2)? Streamer and comedian Will Lepper returns to the show to talk about the beloved Harmonix hit, Rock Band 2. We also talk about the peripheral-based rhythm game phenomenon of the 2000s, the rise and fall and survival of Harmonix, our taste in music, and more!

Other games discussed in this episode: Balatro, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, the Guitar Hero franchise, Hi-Fi Rush, Peggle, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and more!

Catching up with Will - 0:00 Music taste and music in video games - 11:21 Segment: Jukebox Hero - 33:40 Introducing Rock Band 2 - 50:20 Rock Band 2 Discussion - 1:14:50 No Country For Old Games - 1:51:13 Clone Hero - 2:07:14 Recommendations and Conclusion - 2:13:50

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