Portal with AdequateEmily

8 months ago

Filmmaker and YouTube creator AdequateEmily stops by to talk about why Portal is her favorite game of all time! We also talk about being suspended on Twitter, making our dads violently ill through video games, prejudice in video games, licensed games, and more!

Other games discussed in the episode include: The Half-Life series, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, the Persona series, Nickelodeon video games, The Godfather, Scarface, The Warriors, and more! Select and Start is a video game podcast where the host, Keifer Lirette, interviews his guests about their most meaningful and memorable video game experiences.

Cave Johnson here! - 0:00 Introducing Emily - 3:30 Introducing Portal - 48:15 No Country for Old Games - 1:04:58 Portal talk - 1:22:30 Recommendations and outro - 2:08:08

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