2023: A Year In Review

3 months ago

2023 was one of the best years for video games, but it was one of the worst for the video game industry. In the first episode of 2024, Keifer takes an episode to reflect on the year by analyzing The Game Awards 2023, and explaining how it's symptomatic of the issues plaguing the industry.

Select and Start is a video game podcast where the host, Keifer Lirette, talks with his guests about their most meaningful and memorable video game experiences. It is part of the Moonshot podcast network.

0:00 - Intro and Housekeeping 6:22 - The Game Awards 2023 17:02 - Geoff Keighley versus the World 22:25 - The Time Problem 27:39 - Games for Impact 31:43 - Best Independent Game 33:45 - The Sam Lake of it all 39:24 - Fixing the Presenters 42:20 - Best Adaptation 45:18 - Video Game Layoffs 55:12 - Conclusion

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