The Correct and Smart Video Game Awards

2 months ago

Keifer tries his best to host his version of a video game awards show after offering his critiques of The Game Awards in the last episode. What categories will there be? What are his favorite games of 2023? Why is Alan Wake so determined to be a part of it? On a not unrelated note I've recently learned there is mold in my walls. Sorry if that shows in the final product.

Alan Wake Intro - 0:00 Opening Ceremony and Acknowledgements - 2:10 Gex Returns - 5:45 Most Anticipated Game of 2023 - 10:15 A Writer Appears - 12:45 The GOOTY - 17:00 I'm Not Playing That - 25:30 Funniest Game Title - 29:42 Countdown to the GOTY - 31:43 My 5th Favorite Game of 2023 - 37:15 My 4th Favorite Game of 2023 - 43:10 My 3rd Favorite Game of 2023 - 51:30 My 2nd Favorite Game of 2023 - 57:23 The Correct and Smart GOTY - 1:02:45 The Climax - 1:07:00 The Conclusion - 1:14:42

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